I luv ya papi

I have no idea but I love that Tiddle so much. It’s like all you need is LOVE.❤❤❤

 ❤.  True love  I think . ❤

I’m a creative person actually . Having a chance to share the passion and seeing all those little things just melt my heart. And may that reason I own this one !!!





Hello to all the lovely people out there on Internet !!!

Might be it’s been a long time since I last wrote something on my blog. And you know for sure that , I decided to write because I’d love to write and I feel like I truly want to write down something. Something that have such powerful impact on myself and something that touch my heart !!

So actuallly I decided to spend 2 weeks at my hometown. After all the easyy busy life at the city. Rules and regulations. I just want to lay down and relax. For some people ,life at the countryside may be really boring. We don’t have the malls , we don’t have those kinds of coffee shops. There’s no Highland or Coffee house or Cheese Coffee to fullfil yourself. Or even having like fancy life with walking street . The light at the corner of your bar. But…

  1. The comfort that you have is incredible. As my own experience, I’m such a real extroverted person. I go a lot. Talk a lot . And communicate a lot. So sometimes ,just sitting down and making myself a cup of coffee. Tasting it and thinking about what I Did and haven’t done yet is truly amazing2. Fresh air. It helps a lot for your lung. Take a deep breath and you can see the differences.PEACE !!!
  1. 3. Nixe meal. It’s true. . I missed like all the flavour

So these are some of my thoughts about my hometown. Hope you guys like it 


Five things you should know before leaving home

At first ,you will never ready for this. Cause you already have such a comfort life with your mom,your dad . You don’t have to care about the single thing. Wake up in the morning like a real pricess,Nice breakfast and strong coffee are all in the way. But someday ,you gotta go and start your own life ,live all your ownself .So this is just five basic tips that I got from my very own experience!!!

1. Money doesn’t grow on tree

 Yuppp for sure of course . When you live under your parent’s roof,your money just throw out your window because of shopping addicted. You can buy whatever you want, whatever you love but when you start moving out ,the rent for your apartment, some furniture ,or maybe just cute jeans can cost you tons of money. So you really need to be real careful before buying anything. Making a list before heading to the supermarket,never be such a shopperholic if you don’t want to broke

2. You cannot live on bread alone

Learning how to cook by yourself is huge important. Cause it’s good for your health of course ,you cannot just a grab a pieace of bread to eat all the time or just buying something on the street to chew. Go on youtube,having yourself a list of recipe of your favourite dishes , buying ingredients and make it. Besides that,you can save like tons of money . Remember that a pizza  will add to your weighs and pounds to your money.

3. Houseworks  is your  friend

Learning how to use a washing machines,cleaning up the house and washing your own dishes . Fold clothes and of course iron them all. No one could do it for you. Now you’ll be like so appreciated for your mom !

4. Living with your bestie is the worst !

You may have the thought that livin with your bestie is awesome. But the truth is not . You will fight of all things in like who turns to clean up the house ,who turns to go to the market, who will pay for the whole electronic bill this month or even just seeing each other faces. So be wise of that !!!

5. Living on your own can be lonely

Of course you will have the feeling of homesick. Now your have  chance to do all things that you want, to go anywhere that you Love, taste all kinds of food and Wearing all by your style. But at some points ,you will want to fill your time with social life ,meeting your friends or taking to your mom. But sooner or later ,you will have to learn how to enjoy your own company !!!

        ” Gx ❤

Starter not that so good 

At the beginning, I feel so good about having myself my own blog. Yup trust me for sure,I always love English and writings and photography which blog allows me to do it. Therefore,I’m like over the moon to have it and start expressing myself through it. But tha main problem is my up exam period is coming and I haven’t learnt like anything. Anything at all. Which scare the hell out of me and I just spent my three precious hours just to design and set up my whole page look.

I guess not so good when I’m having like only 3 days left to observes all the knowledge into my head.

So I think that I just get my lesson learnt:

Facebook,Instagram,Twitter ,Tumble and now blog 

  •  I enjoy social media . Yup, I love how it works. Posting status,pictures and express yourself,your personality,your unique. But do not get addicted to it at the wrong time. Thinkin about your life is a jar. Full of big rock, pebbles, and sand. Big rocks are the most important things like working ,pushing yourself to study and achive,learning others skills . Pebbles are cooking healthy,eating healthy and exercise. But what about the sand?! Taking a break,relaxing or surfing the internet,scrolling down through Facebook,ext. And I really just did waste my time to “Sandy” thing.
  • Quiting my phone before it’s too late . Yup I’m so arrogant with my skill. I will never ever stop until I truly get/reach/achive it. So I’m just staring at my phone,typing and praying it will work but it’s not actually. Maybe I should take more “designing blog” courses!

Here you can see me like crazy with it 

  • I think I truly deep madly take a deep break from it. Social media thing.

So that’s all for today . Thank you so much for your patience


My very first post

  1. I believe in the word “purity” so hard. Sometimes when I go to school, I just standing there for awhile and looking for something. Something that is so fresh ,so normal but it’s still something. Something that touch my heart and make me realize things around you turns out to be so special🌱🌿🌴                            ” ❤Gx